The Mess

She is yelling at me
I can see the anger in her eyes
Her room is in full mess,
Nothing is arranged

The bed creases are irritating her,
The dusty picture
of her childhood
is now making her sad,
The broken glass
is refusing to show her
Real reflection,

She is  being bitten by
a spider web on the wall

Her favorite bookshelve is scattered
The lipstick that makes her beautiful
is crushed
And all this stink is scaring her,
But i know why she is  yelling because
She is afraid to bring out her scattered site
She is trying to be arranged
Now i am cleaning up the mess for her..


Growing old she loved herself. She was practicing to watch the world from her mother’s eyes. She was pure soul, she loved clouds, the dark clouds that fall on heavy. She observed, things are more prettier after rain. Birds chirp more, scenes are clear and shiny. She loved clouds the reason for making scenes better.
After growing up, when it’s the time to interact with people, having new experiences. She came to know being dark کالا is not beautiful as clouds.
Time passes as well as her heart began to grow heavy, but she is afraid of rain now. She doubts her visions now. May be she is afraid of things becoming clear now.She has seen thunders in the clouds. Which no longer allow her to sleep.


Sharing a seat

I woke up late in the morning, there was still the burden of unwanted thoughts of last night, staring at the half opened windows trying to figure out what time it is, sometimes you are in the state of REST that make you more restless. The world outside the window was just like normal days. Sunlight was trying to get into the room to enlight the DARK. I woke up from the bed and let the light to come in. Hostel room was full of mess that made me more uncomfortable i gave a glimpse with puffy eyes but couldn’t help to clean the mess of others that was bothering me. others? With whom we share our time and emotions with.I was getting late, just book a cab and roughly packed my luggage and lock the door while leaving the room.There was a fight in my mind, thoughts that itch me to think, reaching the station i tried to stop thinking but the speaking eyes, the dust of time on people’s faces, all were in hurry trying to cope with the speed of TIME didn’t let me to be with myself.I shared a front window seat with a girl, she was trying to recognize me may be she didn’t have courage to ask or she has less confidence in her memory. she mumed her words.It was raining outside, it’s strange how things, weather, people and thoughts change from good to whatever, the rain drops pouring over the window the tiny drops had the whole view in tilt.i plugged in the earphones and tried to see the world in that tiny droplet with the voice in back ground
آج جانے کی ضد نا کرو
That scene made me relax, but nothing lasts forever driver wiped out those droplets. Now the way was more vivid to him. The girl next to me gathered all of her courage and asked my name. The world is so small or we didn’t explore more. She was a common friend. But i didn’t remember her, we talked so much or its better to say she talked so much i listened to her. She was bragging about the things that were none of my concerns. Thoughts rush into my mind, why we always try to be superior than others, try to do things that make others in complex, why we always be in the war of status. We are in the strain to touch the sky. This isn’t because we want to fly, we want to be in the clouds but to be upper high from others.Then the line came up from the song
چند گھڑیاں یہی ہیں جو آزاد ہیں” _
There are few moments that are free.While she was talking i can see her Wounds and gaps. That pushed her to be like that. She wasn’t telling me, but to make herself fit in the shape she wanted to be. A shape that will make her BEAUTIFUL in others eyes.